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Facing double-digit rate increases despite years of plan design changes and wellness efforts, alternate funding strategies like level-funding, self-funding and joining captives are becoming more attractive to small and mid-sized employers.

As a result, more and more benefits advisors are recognizing the need to at least communicate these options to clients and prospects. Often, simply communicating cutting-edge options can be a deal-winner, whether groups are ready to make the transition or not.

If helping clients evaluate their alternate funding options is part of your agency’s strategy, download the e-book to learn more.

What’s inside:

1. The broker's toolbox

2. Is self-funding right for your groups

3. Transitioning away from the fully-funded model
4. The benefits of modern health form software solutions

The Self-Insuring Toolbox


Questions To Ask Clients and Prospects


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The Broker's Guide to Self-Insuring

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Help clients evaluate their alternate funding options