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As self-insuring becomes a more viable option for small and mid-sized businesses, broker demand is growing for online solutions to address the hassle of health questionnaires.

Traditionally distributed, completed and submitted totally on paper, the questionnaire process has been so inefficient that it has often kept brokers and employers from genuinely pursuing alternate funding strategies.

Brokers should consider whether a paper-based strategy supports the goal of helping clients find the most cost-effective benefits plan. Fortunately, there are more health form solutions available to brokers today than ever before.

By reducing the administrative hassle of the questionnaire process through software, this process can be a lot less painful. But if you’re considering a health questionnaire platform, what should you look for? 

In this e-book we'll look at three key criteria to consider:

1. How does it tie in with your benefits administration system?
2. Does it offer a modern web experience?

3. How does it work?



Tying in With Benefits Administration System


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The Buyer's Guide to Health Questionnaire Software

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Looking for a Modern Web Experience



What to look for when bringing health questionnaires online

How Does the Software Work?